Sphere of Application

  • CNC Machining Centers.
  • SMT, Printer & EDM
  • High way/railway system.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Laser cutting machine.
  • Circuit board drilling machine
  • Automatic insertion machine
  • CNC punch press
  • Net communication basic system
  • Petrochemical/Oil/Power system
  • Broadcast/Television/Bank system
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  • Particularly suitable for large power fluctuations, worst power supply environment because transient mutations voltage, and where voltage regulation is needed.

SCR Voltage Regulators

Technology Characteristics

  • User-friendly HMI, large-screen LCD display, enable to know all of system voltage, work current, status and other information;

  • Using a combined transformer compensation, SCR non-contact switch, optical coupling isolation, industrial MCU control and other advanced technology
  • Non-contact, Anti-interference, maintenance-free, no mechanical error and no wear of carbon brush;
  • Split-phase adjustment automatically, automatic balance of three phases, stable performance, reliable;
  • Fastest stabilizer: adjust the voltage to the output voltage rating in the 40ms;
  • State display, Error indication, Alarm reminders, Regulated power supply and bypass switching function;

  • With the function of protection against overload, overvoltage, under voltage, phase lack, short circuit, delay output and automatically bypass protection function;
  • RS-232 interface (Optional), Remote control, Remote and telemetry functions;
  • Efficiency is as high as 98%;
  • lightning protection, filtering function(Optional).
  • capable of overload, suitable for resistive, capacitive, inductive and mixed loads;

Technical Parameter

    Operation method

    :Intelligent SCR control

    Input Voltage range

    :380V/220V ( can customize various voltage).

    Input frequency

    :Plus or minus ±15%~±60% (larger range can be customized)

    Output rated voltage

    :380V/220V( can customize various voltage)

    Output Voltage accuracy


    Filter distortion

    :No additional waveform distortion ( static state).



    Power factor


    Response time



    :Arrester, EMI filter, LC filter(optional)

    Over-voltage protection

    :Output phase voltage 10%, cut-off input or transfer to bypass

    Overload protection

    :Electronic detection, cut off input in three minutes

    Bypass protection

    :Automatically transfer to bypass in case of failure

    Phase lack protection

    :Cut-off automatically

    Overload ability

    :5 time rated current 1 second

    Liquid crystal display

    :Voltage, Current, Abnormal


    :LED display and alarm

    Ambient temperature





    :<45dB(1 m distance)

    Cooling system

    :Cooling fan

SCR Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulator Performance Contrast
Technical Index
Working principle
Response time
Parameter setting
Service life
waveform distortion
Leakage magnetic interference
Grid pollution
Slow starting impact
The protection response time
Protection Function
SCR Type Voltage Regulator
The use of microcomputer intelligent detection, output commands to control the controllable silicon module (SCR) of fast switching, the same frequency, phase locked through a transformer, sine wave superimposed compensation to maintain the stability of the output voltage, fast response speed, no carbon brush, no contact, no mechanical, no spark ,three-phase distribution.
Three-phase regulation, no contact, no abrasion, no spark and maintenance free, Regulator speed to 0.05s can be accessed by all types of generators.
Fast, stable to the rated voltage value of the time less than 30ms, capable of suppressing input low voltage surge, immediate and effective protection of precision equipment.
Display button to set the parameters, convenient, user-friendly
Average fault-free uninterrupted work more than 100000 hours
No additional waveform distortion(static state)
All products have a fist voltage output function
Abnormal situation after 30ms protection
With overload, short load, short circuit, lack of phases, and automatically bypass protection function.
Carbon Brush Regulator(SBW/DBW/SVC/TNS/TND)
Rely on the carbon brush rack in regulating transformer on the mobile to change the compensation transformer the secondary winding voltage to maintain the stability of the output voltage. Carbon brush, a contact point, mechanical transmission.
Regular intervals maintenance,slow regulated,three-phase unified adjustment,unbalance output,Carbon brush wear, motor malfunction by jammed,coil spark..
Slow (3~5s), motor adjust( mechanical)
The analog potentiometer adjustment, or can be set
Carbon brush is easy to wear,motor often jammed,the average life expectancy of 8760 hrs.
No additional waveform distortion(static state)
Conventional products do not have this feature.
Conventional products do not have this feature
With overload, short load, and manual bypass protection function.

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