Sphere Of Application:

  • CNC Machining Centers
  • High Way / Railway System
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Automatic Insertion Machine
  • Net Communication Basic System
  • Petrochemical / Oil / Power System
  • Broadcast / Television / Bank System
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  • SMT, Printer and EDM
  • Medical Facilities
  • Circuit Board Drilling Machine
  • CNC Punch Press
  • Particularly suitable for large power fluctuations, worst power supply environment because transient mutations voltage, and where voltage regulation is needed.

Non-Contact Stabilizer

Technology Characteristics

  • User-friendly HMI, large-screen LCD display, enable to know all of system voltage, work current, status and other information.

  • Using a combined transformer compensation, SCR non-contact switch, optical coupling isolation, industrial MCU control and other advanced technology
  • Non-contact, Anti-interference, maintenance-free, no mechanical error and no wear of carbon brush.
  • Split-phase adjustment automatically, automatic balance of three phases, stable performance, reliable.
  • Fastest stabilizer: adjust the voltage to the output voltage rating in the 40ms.
  • State display, Error indication, Alarm reminders, Regulated power supply and bypass switching function.

  • With the function of protection against overload, overvoltage, under voltage, phase lack, short circuit, delay output and automatically bypass protection function.
  • RS-232 interface (Optional), Remote control, Remote and telemetry functions
  • Efficiency is as high as 98%.
  • lightning protection, filtering function(Optional).
  • capable of overload, suitable for resistive, capacitive, inductive and mixed loads.


Industrial microcomputer non-contact AC Stabilizer comprises some of voltage transformer modules, non-contact SCR conditioning module, AD sampling module, industrial MCU intelligent control module, LCD display system, sound and light alarming system, power supply system, protection system and other components.

Technical Parameter:

    Operation Method

    : Intelligent SCR Control.

    Input Voltage Range

    : 380V/220V (can customize various voltage).

    Input Frequency

    : Plus or Minus ±15%~±60% (larger range can be customized).

    Output Rated Voltage

    : 380V/220V (can customize various voltage)

    Output Voltage Accuracy

    : ±1%

    Filter Distortion

    : No Additional Waveform Distortion (static state)


    : ≥98%

    Power Factor

    : 0.8

    Response Time

    : ≤0.02s


    : Arrester, EMI Filter, LC Filter (optional)

    Over-Voltage Protection

    : Output Phase Voltage 10%, Cut-Off Input or Transfer To Bypass

    Overload Protection

    : Electronic Detection, Cut Off Input in Three Minutes

    Bypass Protection

    : Automatically Transfer To Bypass In Case Of Failure

    Phase Lack Protection

    : Cut-Off Automatically

    Overload Ability

    : 5 Time Rated Current 1 Second

    Liquid Crystal Display

    : Voltage, Current, Abnormal


    : LED Display and Alarm

    Ambient Temperature

    : -15~45℃


    : <4000M


    : <45dB(1 m distance)

    Cooling System

    : Cooling Fan

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